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A Maverick Life Review

A maverick life 150x115 A Maverick Life Review

 A Maverick Life by Linda Alexander



Review by Lisa A Alford

Who is the tall, dark stranger there?  Maverick is the name.  Ridin’ the trail to who knows where,
Luck is his companion, Gamblin’ is his game.  Smooth as the handle on a gun.  Maverick is the name.
Wild as the wind in Oregon, Blowin’ up a canyon, Easier to tame.

Riverboat, ring your bell, Fare thee well, Annabel. Luck is the lady that he loves the best.
Natchez to New Orleans, Livin on jacks and queens, Maverick is a legend of the west.
Source: http://www.lyricsondemand.com/  If you want to hear the full song it plays right after the video clip below…

YEEHAW and Howdy Y’all! Today we relive the Wild West and the beginning of television shows…. Today we take on a TRUE Maverick! Jack Kelly!  Linda J Alexander has written a celebrity bio called A Maverick Life: The Jack Kelly Story, that makes me wanna go back to the 50s and 60s and relive them all over again.

Jack Kelly was a man among men. He lived the celebrity lifestyle but he had no choice in it.  He was born into it and he railed against it at times.  He eventually discovered it was his life and it was what he was born to.

Linda Alexander gives and shares with me SO much insight on Kelly, as his first wife Donna called him that I feel as if I were there in the sixties when he was trying to make a name for himself in Hollywood.  Granted in the 60’s I was just a baby but still… even in diapers I would a swooned at the man if I was allowed to watch him!!

Let me digress… as a child and an adult I was so NOT a western person… I refused to watch them because I thought they were drivel. Then three years ago I met my fiancé Jesse… this man lived and grew up on westerns… ok what do you do when your honey loves shows you don’t love???  You let him watch them and try to tune them out. But I couldn’t so after a while I got immersed into them. Maverick has become my all-time favorite.  Jack Kelly and James Garner, both of whom played Maverick are AWESOME actors.

What was surprising to me was the things that Linda uncovered about Jack Kelly that I was SOOO not aware of… He was a master of dialogue and could deliver it in any accent you choose.  He could pull off of any accent you gave him at a moment’s notice. The man also did many Broadway shows AND he could sing!!  I wish they had let him sing on Maverick….

DUDES! YOU HAVE to read this book!  Jack Kelly is one of the unsung heroes of Hollywood. His trials and struggles to make it as a star will amaze you. His every rise and fall will have you wishing you were there helping him along.  After Maverick ended, Jack moved from the movies to politics without even missing a beat, betcha didn’t know that lil tidbit huh?  Well there’s more, much more.

He did not realize that he was a Maverick in his own right. In western terms a maverick is defined as a calf that is an orphan or wanders away from its mother.  In human terms a maverick is a loner, who takes an independent stand apart from his or her associates. That was Jack Kelly in a nutshell.  He pretty much spoke his mind at all times, he answered to no one and he wasn’t afraid to give his ideals or his point of view, EVER! He was a true blue Good ‘Ole Boy.

As much as I love them, I haven’t read a TON of biographies as of yet, I am anxiously awaiting Linda’s next book.  I would definitely give this book 5 stars! Now I have a few goodies for you guys!!  OK Folks! Click HERE to see a clip of my FAV episode of Maverick…  I love this scene because Maverick runs through many of the Westerns that Warner Bros. was airing at the time…  How many can YOU name??  We are also adding a RIP ROARIN’, ROOTIN’ TOOTIN’ CONTEST to this Lil doggie!  Two, count em! TWO winners will receive a SIGNED Paperback copy of this book!!  Click HERE for the Contest!


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Lisa’s favorite Maverick Video


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About the author

Lisa Alford

AS ALWAYS…. I am ME! Who Else Would I BE!! Do I HAVE Credentials….. hmm yes I guess I do.. I was in the Army for some 12 odd years and during that time I was an administrative assistant, a Medic, a Recruiter, and a Photojournalist! The first and last being my BEST credentials dontcha think!??? I am NEW to the world of social Media and I thank Tasha for pulling me in to something I have wanted to do for AGES! I look forward to working with ALL you great authors and whomever else we are able to help…. I LOVE my new twitter friends and i can’t WAIT to start reviewing books for ALL!

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  • http://cathybrockman.com Cathy Brockman

    I think Jack Kelly is so handsome!Great blog

    • http://www.facebook.com/seren153366 Lisa Alford

      Jack Kelly is true YUMMY Cathy !! LOL

  • http://www.thefatandtheskinnyonwellness.com/ Carole Di Tosti (@mercedeskat45)

    Agree, Cathy. He is gorgeous. Where are all these great men in my life??? lolol
    Don’t you love Rafflecopter. It’s really fun. Thanks for sharing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/seren153366 Lisa Alford

      YUP Carole Rafflecopter is great I agree and Jack is WAY gorgey to me! hehe Thx

  • http://www.godskids.org/philippines Kim Belcheff

    I’m loving his eyes.

    • http://www.facebook.com/seren153366 Lisa Alford

      His EYES… His Smile.. His Hair!! whats NOT to love lol??

  • Brad Fleming

    Great piece. I remember him so well.

    • http://www.facebook.com/seren153366 Lisa Alford

      Thanks for commenting Brad! Hope you get a chance to read it some day!!

  • http://www.lindajalexander.net Linda J. Alexander

    Thanks to everyone for participating in this contest … lotsa fun! And special thx to Lisa Alford & Tasha Turner for reading/reviewing & posting the fantabulous review of my book, “A Maverick Life: The Jack Kelly Story.” I appreciate all of you!


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