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Book Review Policy

Our Book Review Policy

We have a bit of a backlist so it may be a a while before we get to your book. Please let us know if the book you are asking us to review has an upcoming release date or a special promo date and we will do our best to accommodate it.

Reviews will be posted here on Tasha Turner Coaching’s blog, Goodreads, Amazon and linked to our Twitter and Facebook accounts. We will try to post them anywhere else you request. Authors have our permission to use our reviews please send us links when you do so.

What to Send to the Appropriate Reviewer

Send an email with the following information

  1. Subject line: Review Request for >name of reviewer
  2. Book name
  3. Book blurb / synopsis
  4. Book cover
  5. A link to Amazon or any other place your book is available for purchase
  6. A link to your website / blog
  7. Publisher name and link to their website
  8. Author bio
  11. Be patient we will get back to you as soon as we can

If we accept your book please send it to the Appropriate Reviewer

  1. In a separate file: A bio and links to where you can be found online will be put at the end of the review on our site ONLY. Your bio should be short with links for where you can be found on the web – your blog, link to your amazon author page (or book), FB, Twitter, – where ever you WANT people to find you/friend you/follow you. You do NOT have to include every link to every place you are as that is overwhelming to readers.
  2. Paperback, epub, mobi and pdf copies will be accepted for review. Mobi is the preferred format.

Reviews we will Post and Ones we Will Not

If your book received a good rating, we will most certainly promote you, as an author, as well as your book. We are happy to host giveaways, blog tours, guest posts and interviews. We expect YOU to promote your posts as well as to comment on any post. If we do a review you should promote the review but not comment. For books that we do not feel are up to snuff we will talk with the author to discuss whether to post or not.

Tasha reads the following kinds of books

Email Tasha

  •  Sweet romances (heat levels 1-3) . I do not read heat levels 4+ (no erotica, no porn, no really graphic sex scenes)
  • Mystery
  • Historical fiction/mystery/romance
  • Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
  • Thrillers/suspense/spy
  • Cookbooks (except for seafood only – tasha also keeps kosher which limits what recipes she can try)
  • Jewish fiction (NO holocaust, I do NOT read hebrew/yiddish/ladino/etc. ENGLISH only books)
  • Does not read: technical material, political material, non-fiction in general, biography’s/autobiography’s/memoirs, history, religious material (except Jewish as mentioned above), poetry, erotica, graphic violence, graphic sex, rape, incest, books where anyone is abused except in special circumstances (book is to highlight the problem with said things and is NOT graphic in its descriptions abuse) …

Jess Reads

Email Jess

  • All Romance including erotica (NOT porn)
  • Mystery
  • Horror
  • Crime
  • Paranormal/Urban fantasy
  • Historical Fiction/Mystery
  • Thrillers/Suspense
  • Action/Adventure
  • Cookbooks (excl. seafood specific)
  • Young Adult
  • Does not read: technical material, religious material, poetry, political material


Lisa Reads

Lisa will update her info in a few months when she is back from personal leave.

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