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Among Others Book Review

Among others 95x150 Among Others Book ReviewAmong Others by Jo Walton

Review by Lisa A Alford

Well! This week I got to branch out into one of my favorite fields, Science Fiction!! The book I got to read was Among Others by Jo Walton. Jo….can I call ya Jo, Jo?  Ok THANKS! Jo spins a marvelous tale of  fifteen year old Mori, who has had a tragic past and is trying to bring her world back together.

Morwenna Phelps, aka Mori is a girl with a bit of a past. You guys know I am LOATHE to give away any good plot info, but for this book, maybe just a smidgen lol!  Mori knows Magic, Mori sees Fairies, Mori’s mom is a Witch and wants Mori to be just like her…

Mori is actually everything I wished and sometimes imagined I was at fifteen. She is smart, well read, quirky, and she won’t take no crap from nobody! She has her problems and a physical deformity, yes,  but she tries her best not to let it get in her way or stop her from being herself.

How did she get this deformity you ask? Glad you asked! It was a duel to the death… yup someone died and it was tragic and changed Mori’s outlook on life forever.  She left home, she met the father she never knew, and she went to a new school where, of course, she was not well treated.  OK! That’s IT! No more plot for you guys… READ the BOOK!! It is awesome! It will tug at your heartstrings…

Some of the things Mori has to deal with are everyday teen angst drama stuff.  Living in a dorm with many other girls who of course are posh and snotty, as most elite schools seem to be is not an easy task right?  She doesn’t fit into any cliché and she doesn’t want to.  At one point Mori feels the need to work some magic, and the results are astounding.  Jo Walton weaves, can I say weaves or is that cliche? Whatever, Jo weaves an enticing tale of life, death, fantasy, and a love of Sci Fi through Mori and several of her friends…

Now see what you guys DID!!??? You got me giving away more plot!! Well NO MORE!! This is truly a book worth reading… I am giving it my 5 star rating and hope to be able to read another one of Jo’s books VERY soon!!

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Lisa Alford

AS ALWAYS…. I am ME! Who Else Would I BE!! Do I HAVE Credentials….. hmm yes I guess I do.. I was in the Army for some 12 odd years and during that time I was an administrative assistant, a Medic, a Recruiter, and a Photojournalist! The first and last being my BEST credentials dontcha think!??? I am NEW to the world of social Media and I thank Tasha for pulling me in to something I have wanted to do for AGES! I look forward to working with ALL you great authors and whomever else we are able to help…. I LOVE my new twitter friends and i can’t WAIT to start reviewing books for ALL!

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