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I am a writer and a one-on-one social media coach. I teach people how to brand themselves and how to use social media effectively. Currently I am co-authoring a short story about a Jewish vampire to be released in 2012 as an e-book. This will be my 1st fiction. I have written a number of computer manuals and managed a tech writing group as well as editing others work for 20 years. Tasha Turner is my Pen Name and has become my professional name by default.

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Social Networking Works

Social Networking Works By Tasha Turner I’ve been reading a lot lately on why social networking is a waste of time for authors. But all the articles focus on short term sales of books. Social networking is about building relationships it takes time. (tweet this) Target Market Relationship Building If you are an author your goal …

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Liz Crowe Contest

Win a Kindle Fire Tablet, $100 Amazon Gift Card, Set of Autography-signed Stewart Realty eBooks (including ARC copy of Escalation Clause) Fun, sexy, frustrating, evocative. Romance… for real life ~Liz Crowe (tweet this) Do you love Liz Crowe’s books?  Have you joined the Romance for Real Life Facebook group?  Love the insider updates, sneak peek excerpts, and exclusive …

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Social networking is building relationships

Social Networking is Building Relationships By building a network you create something bigger than yourself. ~Tasha Turner (tweet this) Benefits It is a wonderful feeling to put two friends in touch and see something wonderful happen. Be it a guest spot on a blog, a book cover, a beta reader, a new supporter, new friendships, I …

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Teaching Target Marketing

Teaching Target Marketing Teaching target marketing is hard work. Every time I think I’ve mastered how to explain it someone comes to me saying “I’m still confused”. Today I’m looking for help from my readers. Here are my questions for you: How do you explain what target market is to someone? (tweet this) How do …

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Book Pitches

 Book Pitches Today I worked with my publisher Tri Destiny Publishing, co-author Beth-Ann Mason, Author, and my clients on writing pitches for our books. Assignment The assignment was: write in 5 sentences or less: what’s key to your story, who your readers are, why it’s unique (aka: why will it sell). My Pitch for The Satmar Vampire (WIP) …

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Social Media Coach, Need One?

Social Media Coach, Need One? By Tasha Turner I was asked to do an interview recently and one of the questions asked was why do authors need a social media coach. I found I had a lot to say on the topic. Some of this ties in with building online relationships. The best thing a …

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Welcome Author Kimberly Kinrade

Welcome Author Kimberly Kinrade by Tasha Turner Today Kimberly is visiting us. Thanks for joining us. Give her a hearty welcome. For 2 days only August 20- 21, 2012, Forbidden Mind by Author Kimberly Kinrade is on sale for only 99 cents on Amazon in honor of being featured on EReader News Today! Check out the book trailer on Youtube! Synopsis: …

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Critics Might be Right

Critics Might be Right Spent an hour today reading about Saving the Pearls Revealing Eden that really needed an editor or beta reader so it would not have been self-published. I then went through FB, Twitter, Goodreads, to remove Victoria Foyt from my friends list as the book was bad enough but her replies to her …

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Putting Others Down – Don’t Do It

Putting Others Down – Don’t Do It by Tasha Turner Daily tips brought to you by behavior I see going on around me. Its my way to share “don’t do this” or “do this in different way” Today’s daily tip is about putting people down/insulting others and why it will NOT help you build good relationships …

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Who is Tasha Turner?

Who is Tasha Turner? Age: Under 50 … LOL don’t you know it’s not polite to ask a lady her age! Where are you from: Tasha (Malka Esther) Lennhoff’s imagination A little about yourself `ie your education Family life ect: Tasha Turner was born full grown as it is a pen name. It also became …

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Help Me Read Lumen

Help Me Read Lumen My friend Joseph Eastwood has been promising to let me read his soon to be published book Lumen for a while. Its on my Goodreads “to be read” list even. Recently he has announced that he will release it as soon as his Facebook fan page Joseph’s Writing has 2,000 likes. …

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There for You Giveaway

Let me start by saying, thank you so very much for having me on your blog today! I am super excited to be here and announce a few things going on over at There for You Editing Services. And of course, when excited about something, I give something away. Makes sense, right? Ok, not really, but that’s …

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Can Book Reviewers and Authors Get Along?

Can Book Reviewers and Authors Get Along? The following posts led to my writing this one. Ritesh Kala starts it off with I am a blogger, and I am pissed! #1 Natalie Star responds with Why Natalie Star is PISSED Ritesh Kala follows with I am a blogger, and I am pissed! #2 Tara Chevrestt responds with I’m an Author …

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Covert Mission: Under Cover Cop

Covert Mission: Under Cover Cop by Lorraine Nelson Review by guest blogger Rebbe Landers Book Blurb ‘“Enjoying the party?” he asked. “Yes. There’s certainly a good turn-out.” The band struck up a waltz to slow things down and he rose to his feet, holding out a hand. She knew that being held in his arms was …

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Update Your WordPress: Learn this Lesson

Update Your WordPress: Learn this Lesson We welcome guest blogger Leora Wenger to our blog this week. She is sharing critical information with us on how to protect our WordPress sites. Take it away Leora. “And here I thought WordPress was secure!” said a client to me on discovering that her WordPress website had been hacked. …

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