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Black Order by James Rollins

BlackOrderCover 183x300 Black Order by James Rollins

Black Order by James Rollins

Black Order by James Rollins

Review by Lisa A Alford

James Rollins Rocks and rolls in the Black Order!  I have to admit, if not for watching The Big Bang Theory, I may have been lost in some parts of this book.  If nothing else I would have had to reread a few passages more than once!!  But thank the gods I have overcome some of the scientific stuff here…

This Story is a MUST read for ALL! I don’t care if you are a teen, adult, or ANY age! This story will pick you up and take you away….. There are many bits of romance here.  Don’t let James fool you, YES his books are based on espionage and science and other different areas of the unknown.

Good luck thinking he is JUST a science guy! He has many romance stories intertwined in this Mystery. I had many opportunities to both Hate and Love him in this book!!  James has the ability to make you think you know what is going to happen next and yet be fooled by the next chapter….

This book had me up and down on a merry-go-round of emotions!  I DARE him to bring me further into the SIGMA circle. What’s SIGMA you ask??  Sigma is the secret company that looks into the many strange things that go on in our world… In this book we are looking into the mind and heart of the leader of SIGMA. Painter Crowe……….

Painter is stuck in the Himalayas’ with Dr. Lisa Cummings. NO! I am so NOT going to tell you why and where! Just let it be known… BAD stuff is afoot  and you REALLY wanna know what’s going on here….

Painters and Lisa’s is a slow developing romance since Painters health is deteriorating rapidly…. Why you ask? Ummm READ the book!!  DUH! Like I would TELL you!

Let’s not forget about all of Painters Men in SIGMA! We have Gray, Monk and Logan. All of them have separate stories here but in order to understand the all for one and one for all thing you will have to again… WHAT!??? Say it with me peeps!! READ THE BOOK!!

I definitely give this book 5 stars and hope to find I’ve been emailed the pdf or nook version of one of his other SIGMA books to review soon. You know…. kinda like a Secret Santa thing…..


About James Rollins – From his website

James Rollins is the New York Times bestselling author of international thrillers, translated into more than forty languages. His Sigma series has been lauded as one of the “top crowd pleasers” (New York Times) and one of the “hottest summer reads” (People Magazine). In each novel, acclaimed for its originality, Rollins unveils unseen worlds, scientific breakthroughs, and historical secrets–and he does it all at breakneck speed and with stunning insight.

Known for building high-octane adventures on a solid science foundation, Jim juxtaposes the familiar with the exotic and then turbo-charges his tales with suspense. Always mindful of historys legacy, Jim reveals how secrets, some hidden for centuries, can change the course of human events. His novels explore how advancing technology can impact society not just by the physical threats of unchecked developments, but also the spiritual and moral challenges that result. The true terror of technology is not the cogs and the wheels, but how it will change us, he says.

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About the author

Lisa Alford

AS ALWAYS…. I am ME! Who Else Would I BE!! Do I HAVE Credentials….. hmm yes I guess I do.. I was in the Army for some 12 odd years and during that time I was an administrative assistant, a Medic, a Recruiter, and a Photojournalist! The first and last being my BEST credentials dontcha think!??? I am NEW to the world of social Media and I thank Tasha for pulling me in to something I have wanted to do for AGES! I look forward to working with ALL you great authors and whomever else we are able to help…. I LOVE my new twitter friends and i can’t WAIT to start reviewing books for ALL!

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