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Book Review of A Vampire’s Kiss

Vampires Kiss 181x300 Book Review of A Vampire’s KissBook Review of A Vampire’s Kiss

Reviewed by Lisa A Alford

When tasked with writing a review for eBook, A Vampire’s Kiss by Myra Nour, I wasn’t sure I was up to the challenge.  As it turns out,  the review practically wrote itself, I mean a sexy vampire, hot steamy lovin’, what more could a girl ask for?

Vampire’s Kiss is the second of Myra Nour’s River of Dreams series.  This book gives us a glimpse into the sultry mysterious world of vampires.  Our heroine Violet likes her world orderly and well-organized, but she has a secret fantasy of being bitten and made love to by a sexy vampire.  Violet has dreamed of this fantasy lover for years but realizes they are just dreams.  Until one day at work she meets Adrian, the spitting image of her vampire lover, and her boring, well-ordered life turns upside down.

I found this short story to be a fun, romantic, oh so sexy jaunt into the world of erotic romance.  Nour’s characters are interesting and well-developed. I like the fact that they have good and bad points just like your average Joe.  I was able to connect with the heroine and feel her need for love and romance.  Adrian, though sensuous and sexy as all get out, is no angel, but who really wants one?  He’s aggressive, and commanding, he knows what buttons to push to turn Violet’s  world on edge.  He also makes Violet feel needed, desirable and wanted.

The story line flows smoothly with a few twists and turns along the way to keep you wondering what will happen next.  I would have liked to have seen more of Violet’s work and personal life, but with short stories I am sure you sometimes have to pick your battles. I must say Ms. Nour picks her battles well.

I gave this book five stars because not only did it pull me in from the start with its intriguing opening, I found it to be a page turner to the very end.  Fair warning though, this story is racy and erotic, the language is explicit at times and you might want to turn the fans on to keep yourself cooled off!  As a lover of erotic romance, I can’t wait to read the rest of the River of Dreams series.

There was one thing that bothered me though. When I got to the end of this short story, I started yelling “More! More!”. I don’t think Ms. Nour heard me…….


Author Bio:

I was an LPN for a total of 8 years; became interested in the mind more than the body, and helped put myself through college working as a nurse. Graduated cume laude with a BA in Psychology and MA in Counseling. Until several months before I graduated with my BA, when I met Simon, I was a single mother of two small children.

My Simon has been very supportive about the whole writing process. We both agreed that when our financial circumstances would allow, that I’d quit work and write full-time, and that happened in 1998. I’ve been very lucky. After 24 years of working in a profession that helped people, I am able to do something for myself – writing.


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pixel Book Review of A Vampire’s Kiss

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Lisa Alford

AS ALWAYS…. I am ME! Who Else Would I BE!! Do I HAVE Credentials….. hmm yes I guess I do.. I was in the Army for some 12 odd years and during that time I was an administrative assistant, a Medic, a Recruiter, and a Photojournalist! The first and last being my BEST credentials dontcha think!??? I am NEW to the world of social Media and I thank Tasha for pulling me in to something I have wanted to do for AGES! I look forward to working with ALL you great authors and whomever else we are able to help…. I LOVE my new twitter friends and i can’t WAIT to start reviewing books for ALL!

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