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Book Review of Luke’s Dragon – Author Cathy Boyd

Lukes Dragon 190x300 Book Review of Luke’s Dragon   Author Cathy BoydBook Review of Luke’s Dragon – Author Cathy Boyd

Lightning Strikes (The Dreamworld Series) [Kindle Series}

Review written by Joyce Rosenfield

I had the opportunity to read Luke’s Dragon – Lightning Strikes by Cathy Boyd.  This book is her first in an upcoming series and currently is only available in Kindle format.  It is a fantasy, fiction book geared for children ages 8-12.  It’s a story of a boy, Luke, and his stuffed dragon, Gage.  The setting is in Luke’s home.  Luke and Gage are the main characters in the story.  Luke turns to Gage for security whenever he’s scared, otherwise he sits on the dresser in his room.

One day when he finds himself scared out of his wits and looks to Gage for comfort, something amazing happens:  Gage comes to life.  Luke then has to deal with both keeping Gage a secret from his parents and figuring out how to send him home before the next full moon, or deal with some shocking consequences.

I think kids will find Luke easy to relate to.  After all, how many kids can say  they’ve never been frightened, or turned to something soft and cuddly for comfort, or tried to hide something from their parents.  Luke’s Dragon – Lightning Strikes is an easy children’s read.  One’s attention is maintained throughout the book.  Cathy Boyd manages to keep the reader in suspense and craving for more.   Good thing this book is part of a series.  I would have liked to have seen more twists and turns.  All In all, a fun and delightful read! I would recommend Luke’s Dragon for all ages.   I thoroughly enjoyed it myself and this reader gives it 5 stars.

pixel Book Review of Luke’s Dragon   Author Cathy Boyd

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