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Sticks and Bones

Sticks and Bones Sticks and BonesSticks and Bones by Donna R Wood

Reviewed by – Jess Williams

clip image001 Sticks and BonesWest Fargo, ND – The body of missing, Leah Jackson, was discovered late last night on the old Jordaine farm, on County Road 17, north of West Fargo, ND. The office of Kim Vanderhorn, District Attorney, has released a statement indicating foul play is suspected. According to Detective Marcia Grant,lead investigator, there are currently no suspects. More details to come.~ Robert Andrews, Reporter. Detective Marcia Grant never thought much about high school, until the body of missing Leah Jackson is discovered on an abandoned farmstead. The discovery launches Marcia into a world she had left behind years ago; the world where the social ladder must be climbed, or clung to, at all costs; or risk social suicide.The school year is in full swing, when Halloween night, high school sophomore, Leah Jackson, will leave her home for the last time. The gossip mill begins to grind in the school system, the police department, and throughout the metropolitan area. Who killed Leah Jackson? ….As Marcia moves her inexperienced team forward through the investigation, a time bomb is ticking in the city.
This is great story for young adults. We have all dealt with bullying at some point in our school lives, and it is an issue that is always current as we try to teach our own children the lessons they need to survive school. A lot of people do not realise the impact that passing comments can have on their peers and this books allows a little insight into the very real feelings that those remarks can have. The characters in the book allow us to see both sides of the bullying and what is possibly going through teens heads to make them say the things that they do. The *need* to be socially accepted often blinds us to the needs of others.

The romance between Johnathan Drake and Detective Marcia Grant touches home on a few levels. When you work with people so closely you do form close attachments to them. Sometimes this can form a strong family type bond and in other situations it can lead to something more. Workplace romances can be the hardest to deal with, whether it is forbidden by the company/role that you are in or the fact that it can cause a tense working environment. The fear of opening up to someone only to be rejected can be all too overwhelming, what if they don’t feel the same way? How can I work with this person anymore? Will they respect me if the feelings aren’t mutual?

Overall, I think that this book would definately be enjoyed by young adults and adults alike. Adults may work out the ending a little bit earlier than intended but will still be able to relate to the characters and the feelings that they struggle with.  I felt that this was an enjoyable book to read and would reccomend it to both age groups and give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

About the Author – from her website:

Although she is not Native American, Donna grew up on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, in Western North Dakota, during the 1970s and 80s. She grew up simultaneously immersed in two storytelling cultures – Irish and Native American (Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara). Her great-grandparents homesteaded on the banks of the Missouri River at the turn of the century.

Donna attended Interstate Business College in Bismarck and Fargo, ND graduating with diplomas in Medical Administrative Assistant and Computer Programming.


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