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Book Review The Fools Journey by Kristina Jackson

Fools 199x300 Book Review The Fools Journey by Kristina JacksonBook Review of The Fools Journey

by Jess Williams

Love, Mystery, The Paranormal, Tarot and Romance… how could these things possibly be found in one story? Let alone work together well? Don’t ask they just DO! Kristina first drew me in with her collection of short stories called Feathers. Did I know much more about her at this point? No. Did it matter? No. I loved her style of writing and the way her characters told their own story. It didn’t matter to me what her next book was about because I was willing to read it no matter what genre it was.


I loved The Fools Journey; the characters are honest and feel like if you met them on the street you would welcome them into your life.


Moira is an over worked, corporate slave that wants more from life. She has been stepped on, beaten down and used. She thinks this is the life she wants; if she just sticks it out a little bit longer all her dreams and desires will come true. She will get noticed her hard work will be rewarded. It takes a startling turn of events for her to realise this life isn’t for her.

A chance meeting with a group of tarot readers and psychics leaves her wanting more and leads her on a journey that she never imagined. Through twists and turns, love, loss and events that would scare the daylights out of most people, Moira manages to reinvent not only herself but her life.


The only part of this story that I was unsure about was near the ending, I felt that part of the story was left untold and just given to the reader. Will this stop me from recommending the book to others or even reading it again myself? No.


Thank You Kristina, I hope to read lots more of your work… in fact… I have Tales from The Beyond sitting in wait on my Kindle and I type this…..


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pixel Book Review The Fools Journey by Kristina Jackson

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  • http://poeticparfait.com Christy Birmingham

    Cool! I like that there are tarot cards mixed into the story. Good review of what sounds like an interesting book!


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