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Celebrating 1 year anniversary since being hit by Mack truck

TashaTurner 100x150 Celebrating 1 year anniversary since being hit by Mack truck

Survived Mack Truck

Celebrating 1 year anniversary since being hit by Mack truck

Do you know where you were a year ago at this time (March 12, 2012 3-6pm)? I do. I was in the ER following being hit by a Mack truck, with a collapsed lung, major concussion, 2 broken ribs, a broken scapula, covered in glass and bruises, no real memories starting from right before the accident and for almost a week afterwards, and a totaled vehicle.


This past Sunday I went out to dinner with Larry Lennhoff (husband) and a few close friends to celebrate my birthday and being alive. I’m mostly recovered. I still have some pain in my right shoulder and my ribs occasionally. I’ve had glass pop out 6+ months after the accident from my legs and face. My emotions are still a bit screwed up but 90% back to normal. I’m still having mild memory problems and reading, writing, and comprehension is down about 70-80% of what it was the month before the accident. The chronic fatigue is fully back.


For those that have been in a severe accident have you done anything special on the anniversary of the accident or do you try to forget it? I’d love to hear from you.


I am extremely thankful to still be alive and to have recovered more than the doctors had expected.

In May I wrote 2012

Kristen Lamb and WANA

Kristen Lamb wrote 2 books “We Are Not Alone” (frequently referred to as WANA) and “Are You There Blog? Its Me Writer“.  There is even a hashtag for people to connect with Kristen and other WANA writers on twitter, #mywana . Her blog and the above mentioned books are required reading for anyone who trains with me as a social media intern or who comes on board as a client wanting to learn how to use social media to sell their books. I try to keep up with her blog regularly. One of my social media coaches, Lisa Alford, keeps up with her #mywana twitter group. My other social media coach, Jess Williams, keeps up with her blog. Both  can look at what clients and others are doing and easily tell me when they are not following the WANA rules. A lot of what I was doing before I read Kristen’s books turned out to be part of WANA, but I did not have the right terminology until Beth-Ann Mason told me “Read her books or… ” I don’t remember what threat she used some 6 months ago, but I do know that I went online and bought both books right away and devoured them both within a week.

My Car Accident

As a number of my readers know, on March 12, 2012 I was hit by an 18-wheel truck and spent about 4 weeks in the hospital and a rehab facility; I am still recovering. My business had only been up and running for about 2 full months at the time of my accident. I expected, when I started checking in on my website and Facebook page after the accident, to find that my business was gone and that I was going to find that I was pretty much starting over from scratch. Instead, I discovered that my assistants, my husband, and even friends, had posted articles of interest on my FB wall and my FB business page. I found my clients had stayed with me. Contests were run by various groups to improve the number of likes on my FB fan/business page. The main thing I attribute this to is Kristen’s WANA principles. By following them, promoting others, sharing useful information, people, in turn, wanted to do something for me. So thank you, Kristen, for giving me such a great tool to pass on to others, a fantastic blog to continue sharing on my wall, and a fantastic Twitter group for people to be a part of.


pixel Celebrating 1 year anniversary since being hit by Mack truck

About the author

Tasha Turner

I am a writer and a one-on-one social media coach. I teach people how to brand themselves and how to use social media effectively.

Currently I am co-authoring a short story about a Jewish vampire to be released in 2012 as an e-book. This will be my 1st fiction. I have written a number of computer manuals and managed a tech writing group as well as editing others work for 20 years. Tasha Turner is my Pen Name and has become my professional name by default.

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  • Athena Brady

    Thanks for sharing something, that I never knew about you. The thing that sticks out about you for me. is your positivity and what a loyal person you are. I recently came across a very positive lady who has cancer and wrote “A list for living” as she didn’t want to concentrate on the negitive aspects of her situation. Maybe you should do a similar list and on each anniversary tick something off it. As a way of celebrating your life. Just a thought, I enjoyed your post Tasha and love your take on life.

    • http://tasha-turner.com/ Tasha Turner

      Thanks for the idea. I decided NOT to get down about the things I did not do. I was also surprised by how much I did all things considered. Its funny as I used to be known as an “Eeyore” personality but over the last few years as I’ve dealt with a number of major health issues I’ve become more positive.

  • Meeks

    I’m gobsmacked. You are indeed lucky to be alive. Happy anniversary Tasha, and I hope those last, lingering problems disappear. It may take time but I’m sure it will happen!

    • http://tasha-turner.com/ Tasha Turner

      Thanks. Life is rarely boring that’s for sure!

  • Ramona

    Tasha- I had no idea and I am very thankful that little by little you are recovering. I hope you continue to a full recovery. Happy Anniversary, Tasha.

    • http://tasha-turner.com/ Tasha Turner

      Thank you. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/cathy.brockman1 Cathy Brockman

    I am so glad you are improving I hope you are well soon and I miss you!

  • Judith Cherbonneau

    So glad you have come such a long way after your accident. What a life changing event that was. Nineteen years ago my son was a passenger in a car that hit a tree (that didn’t move). Being 6′ 3′ or so and sitting sideways in the seat, he literally ended up under the dash. The only thing holding his feet to his body, was skin. That was a long haul of recovery and he did very well, but some 18 years later his health began to fail, from lack of mobility. Two years ago he was admitted to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, in NH and spent 3 months in ICU and 3 more months in a regular room due to an infection and other issues. He’s been home for 1 1//2 years and reached a wonderful milestone recently. He got into his wheel chair, out of the house and down the ramp. He’s done this in the past, but once his PT was stopped, because of the state of medical care that will obviously only get worse, he had a major set back, but how he find the will to go on, I have no idea. He is certainly my hero and does not give up! He amazes me with his drive to succeed and his artist ability!

    • http://tasha-turner.com/ Tasha Turner

      I’m sorry to hear about your son. The pictures from my accident, it’s a miracle I’m alive.

      If your son keeps up the exercises or starts them up on his own he can get better. I’ve seen it happen for a number of people. But you have to be motivated and disciplined and creative as you don’t have everything at home that rehab and PT did.

      Me, I had no idea how badly I was hurt so I just did things. The more I did the better I healed, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Now as I find out more about what was wrong I understand the difficult situation I put my doctors and therapists in. I needed to get more rest but had I not done so much I would not be where I am. But eventually not taking the rest I needed caught up. LOL So now I’m slowly ramping up after taking many months off.


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