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Covert Mission: Under Cover Cop

Covert Mission: Under Cover Cop by Lorraine Nelson

Review by guest blogger Rebbe Landers

Book Blurb

‘“Enjoying the party?” he asked.

“Yes. There’s certainly a good turn-out.”

The band struck up a waltz to slow things down and he rose to his feet, holding out a hand. She knew that being held in his arms was dangerous, but without a doubt, it would be delightful, too. She took his hand and allowed him to lead her to the makeshift dance floor.

Dancing with Blake had every one of her hormones on full alert. His moves were sure and masterful, leading her around with no trouble to follow his steps. She felt as if she glided on air, her feet barely touching the floor.

When the next song proved even slower, he held her so close she could feel every beat of his heart as it thundered in her ear. Blake was a good head taller than she was, her cheek coming to rest against his chest as they danced. All her life she’d hated being short, until she’d found the perfect fit in Blake’s arms. With him, she felt petite and cherished.’

The Review

This is the second book in the Thunder Creek Ranch Series. And I loved this story as much as the first one. It was fun to see how the relationship between Sam and Blake progressed. The sexual tension emitted from the two was very hot and steamy, making me want a cowboy Mountie of my own. Now whenever I see an RCMP officer for some reason unknown to me (Thank you Lorraine) my eyes automatically stray downward to see if this particular officer is as well-endowed as Blake is in this book. I do however find myself speeding a bit more than normal on the off chance I could get pulled over by a scrumptious man like this one.

I give this story a big FIVE STARS for the entertainment and laughter I enjoyed throughout the whole book and as with the first book I had to re-read this just to enjoy the spirit that Sam has and the enjoyment of the give and take between the two as Blake tries to convince Sam that she needs to give them a chance to see where they could go, he knows what he wants, but she isn’t sure of herself or her feelings about not being able to be as much as what she thinks he wants and needs. But then isn’t that just typical of most of us women if you ask me at least.


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About Lorraine Nelson

Lorraine Nelson lives in rural New Brunswick, on the east coast of Canada. Always a bookworm, she’s read many novels of romance and mystery over the years, finally deciding to put her pen to work at writing one. “To write romantic suspense is my dream job, although my mom says I was born with an avid imagination and pencil in hand, crafting stories from an early age.”

I am mother to three wonderful boys, grandmother to four fantastic grandsons and two beautiful granddaughters. I live alone with an independent yet affectionate tomcat. Now my children have grown and have lives of their own, I have time to indulge my passion for writing. When not at the computer, you can find me spending time with family, gardening, baking and, of course, reading.

LorraineNelson 147x150 Covert Mission: Under Cover CopThis is me. This is who I am and I’m loving it!

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About the author

Tasha Turner

I am a writer and a one-on-one social media coach. I teach people how to brand themselves and how to use social media effectively.

Currently I am co-authoring a short story about a Jewish vampire to be released in 2012 as an e-book. This will be my 1st fiction. I have written a number of computer manuals and managed a tech writing group as well as editing others work for 20 years. Tasha Turner is my Pen Name and has become my professional name by default.

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