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Critics Might be Right

Critics Might be Right

Spent an hour today reading about Saving the Pearls Revealing Eden that really needed an editor or beta reader so it would not have been self-published. I then went through FB, Twitter, Goodreads, to remove Victoria Foyt from my friends list as the book was bad enough but her replies to her critics and the newspaper articles have made me not to want anyone to stumble upon her through me. Just wow.

I tell people not to get depressed over a few negative reviews but to consider if they have merit and whether it makes sense to edit current eBook or keep comments in mind for future. If over 100 Amazon reviewers are telling you that the book you wrote is offensively racist… Don’t write FB and blog posts telling them they are wrong. Find an editor and beta readers that specialize in books with people of color in them and take their advice seriously? Me? I would have advised her to pull the book, apologize, take a year or two off to write a different book, have it edited by professionals and beta readers hoping everyone had forgotten about her by the time the 2nd book in a different genre and different storyline came out. NOT respond and try to justify or explain herself.

What she has done was probably a writing career killer.

pixel Critics Might be Right

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