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It’s the Digital Age Take Advantage

It’s the Digital Age Take Advantage

Some days I wonder; who am I giving advice to authors? I don’t have a book published. Then I read a blog or a book by a major best-selling author giving advice to newbies … or realize I’m shooting the breeze sharing advice with one on twitter and I realize all these years of being on the fringes of hanging out with big 6 editors, authors, and others in the biz has taught me a lot. Do they know me by name? No but their friends do, and some might think I look familiar… that has to count for something right?

Books rarely sell right after you’ve taken an action but your name gets out there. (tweet this)

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photo by cellar_door_films from Flickr

Branding yourself takes time. You need a marketing plan that covers the next year (or more). Know your target market. In the digital age books can stay on the shelves longer than ever before so take advantage of the time. Get your name out there. Be friendly. Be helpful. Be interesting to your target market.

Promote yourself more than your books. (tweet this)

And never, ever forget: WRITE A GOOD BOOK. Write another book. Rinse and repeat. The above is true whether you are going traditional publishing or self-publishing.

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photo courtesy of cellar_door_films creative commons licence thanks to Wana Commons set up by Kristen Lamb
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Tasha Turner

I am a writer and a one-on-one social media coach. I teach people how to brand themselves and how to use social media effectively.

Currently I am co-authoring a short story about a Jewish vampire to be released in 2012 as an e-book. This will be my 1st fiction. I have written a number of computer manuals and managed a tech writing group as well as editing others work for 20 years. Tasha Turner is my Pen Name and has become my professional name by default.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/cathy.brockman1 Cathy Brockman

    I totally agree. I think marketing and knowing your market is invaluable.. I love hte rinse and repeat.. You should have had shampoo bottles for a photo! LOL

    • http://tasha-turner.com/ Tasha Turner

      I should have. LOL

  • http://twitter.com/JohannaDenton Johanna Denton

    I find your posts interesting and helpful, Tasha.

    • http://tasha-turner.com/ Tasha Turner

      Thanks so much Johanna. And thanks for stopping by.


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