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Ritesh Kala

I am an avid reader and book blogger and live in Mumbai, India. I work in the financial consultancy industry when I’m not reading books. I have been focusing specifically on Indie authors and I will generally conduct interviews with the authors whose books I have read and reviewed, and am open to hosting guest posts and other features, just hit me up, and we can discuss it!

I started reading again a few months back, after a gap of about 10 years, where studies and work pressures had taken over my life. But, I am so glad I did. I now remember why I used to devour book after book when I was in school. I now know for sure, that I cannot stop reading, ever. The earliest books I remember loving were the Harry Potter series, and that series introduced me to the world of fantasy. I soon moved on, and Lord of the Rings changed my life forever. It made me fall in love with not only the characters in that book, but elves, dwarves, wizards and all the fantasy creatures in books. Fantasy has remained my favorite genre, and I've moved on to include Epic Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and tend to enjoy most books in the speculative fiction genre.

I am always looking to get my hands on the next book to review in the genres I like.

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