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The Assassins Club review


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BY Lisa A Alford

Dixon Rice has created a compelling story full of adventure, mayhem and murder entitled The Assassins Club. Enter Tyler Goode, A good ole boy, HA! catch the play of words on that? LOL, anyways Tyler is a bartender at the Rough Rider near Hungry Horse Montana. All Tyler wants to do is make money for college continue with his studies and get over the terrible things that happened to him years ago. But when a bully named Brute comes in and starts breaking up customers in the bar Tyler has to step in. He stops the chaos going in the bar, but it’s not over for him.

The next day Tyler accidentally drives into the gas station where Brute happens to be working. Long story short, Brute dies, Tyler covers it up. Brute’s family is huge and they are all mean, some of them come after Tyler and he defends himself in whatever way he can. At some point he realizes that his problem is that he feels no remorse. The fact that he feels no remorse over the deaths of these men is really one of the reasons I LOVE this book!

Seriously folks! How often do I, or any of us for that matter, get to cheer for a guy who is not constricted with feelings of grief and remorse after killing someone??? OK, OK, I hear ya yelling at me! Lisa! How on EARTH can you like a guy who kills without remorse?? What can I say!? READ THE BOOK!! You will GET it! Oh YES, you will get it!

Without giving away any more of the story, cause you know me, at some point The Assassins Club was founded with a couple of guys Tyler knows. What I like about this book is the fact that Tyler, though he seems to be the antagonist in the story, rises up to be the hero. There is another main character in this story, and he is the TRUE antagonist, Dixon got me good with this one as I didn’t see it coming until almost at the end.

I love the fact that Dixon decided to create this book around the area of his REAL hometown. His descriptions of the town and the area surrounding it makes me feel like I’ve been there. Or at the very least, I wanna GO there! What say you Dix!? Wanna give me the ole hometown tour?? I am giving this book 5 star, for its ease of reading, its awesome plot twists and turns, and the fact that anytime someone can fool me til the end of the book, they SERIOUSLY deserve my 5 star rating! I hope that Dixon allows me to review his next book as well; I really look forward to future books from a great writer. Check Dixon out on Twitter too!

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Lisa Alford

AS ALWAYS…. I am ME! Who Else Would I BE!! Do I HAVE Credentials….. hmm yes I guess I do.. I was in the Army for some 12 odd years and during that time I was an administrative assistant, a Medic, a Recruiter, and a Photojournalist! The first and last being my BEST credentials dontcha think!??? I am NEW to the world of social Media and I thank Tasha for pulling me in to something I have wanted to do for AGES! I look forward to working with ALL you great authors and whomever else we are able to help…. I LOVE my new twitter friends and i can’t WAIT to start reviewing books for ALL!

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